Welcome to the Alternative Society

welcome to alternative society

the alternative society is a unique chad community created by 6666 handsome and awesome winners who arent afraid to leverage 100x on mex

wut a chad?

jimmys, yes we are. we are here to destroy all the fucking collections, we are here to steal your girlfriend, we are here to liquidate you, we are here to kill each bear, we are here, we are , we, together.

be a jimmy or be sure to lost all your money, girlfriend and family

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Price: 0.003 ETH (First 763 for free)

jimmys sold: 5555/6666 - Tx Limit: 20 (1 during Free Mint)

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The Society

Frequently stupid questions

you want to mint?

mint price?

wen discord?

wen reveal?

any royalties?

wtf why i have a dick in my nft?

wen chadburger?

we are in a bear market?

jimmy's are winners?

who the founders?

wen 1 eth floor price?

i don't have gf, any advice?

we are jimmys